Taapsee Pannu On Kangna Ranaut: ‘Kangana Ranaut doesn’t matter in my life, I neither love nor hate her’

Taapsee Pannu

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is one of those actors who have been the most targeted of Kangana Ranaut. Now even though Kangana’s Twitter has been banned and there is peace on social media. But when Kangana was using Twitter, there was a war between her and Taapsee.

Taapsee also keeps her point open on every issue and also Kangana Ranaut, due to which both have come face to face on social media many times. But now that Kangana is not on Twitter, does Taapsee miss her? In response to this question, Taapsee says that Kangana does not matter in her life. They neither hate nor love them, so their existence is equal to non-existence.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Taapsee said, ‘I do not miss him, nor did I miss him. She doesn’t matter in my life. She is an actor, I respect her as a colleague, but more than that she holds no place in my life. I do not have any kind of feeling for him, neither good nor bad. I think both love and hate are from the heart. Even if you hate someone, it comes from your heart. But the worst feeling is when you don’t care about someone’s absence. So that’s it, I don’t care about them’. Let us tell you that a few months back, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter was banned after the Bengal elections. After which Kangana became active on the indigenous app Ku.

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