PM Modi said the India-Japan partnership is meaningful for global stability in the period of Covid


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the friendship and partnership between India and Japan have become more meaningful for global stability and prosperity in the times of the COVID-19 crisis. He called for the continuation of relations between the two countries. The PM spoke of the setting up of Japanese Zen Garden and Kaizen Academy set up in the premises of Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) here. In his last post on video conferencing, Modi said the inauguration of Zen Garden and Kaizen Academy here symbolizes the event and modernity of relations between India and Japan.

Modi said that the current Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, is a direct speaker. Prime Minister Suga and I believe that India-Japan relations and our cooperation have made a greater impact on global security and development in this time of crisis over COVID-19. Now it is necessary that our friendship and relationship get stronger day by day. Efforts such as the establishment of Kaizen Academy are a beautiful reflection of this relationship.

Inauguration of Zen Garden and Kaizen Academy is a symbol of modernity: PM Modi

He said that we still have a strong belief in the past for many years now and have a vision for the future. As a result, we have been continuously promoting our unique ideas and collaborations for many years. We have also produced a special edition of Japan. More (a group of police officers in India to promote more investment in Japan) ‘Gen-kaizen’ by AMA in PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) seeks to present various aspects of Japanese culture, culture, landscape, and art. Modi said that this phase, which started in Zen Garden and Kaizen Academy, was a symbol of Indo-Japanese phenomenon and modernity.

The Prime Minister says that he will see the radiance of the peaceful, simple and easy way Indians have learned through yoga and spirituality over the centuries. He said that Zen in Japan is meditation (thought) in India. And as far as the concept of kaizen is concerned, it is a strong testament to the power of our thinking in the present moment, our willingness to move forward.

Modi said he wants Kaizen Academy to promote Japan’s work culture in India and enhance business ties between the two countries. We need to give new impetus to the efforts which have already been made in accordance with these guidelines. Modi said more than 135 Japanese companies operate in Gujarat in sectors including automobile, banking, construction and pharma. These companies are also helping in providing skill-enhancing services to the youth of Gujarat.

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